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Gumpanpally Santosh Kulkarni has extensive experience in finance, business, and entrepreneurship. He founded 79° Longitude to use his extensive expertise and personal experiences to make a positive impact. Mr. Gumpanpally has extensive experience in corporate advisory services, project financing and governance, corporate law, and management consulting. He has helped many companies grow and succeed by structuring, budgeting, and investing. As an entrepreneur, Mr. Gumpanpally has gained valuable experience. Internal audits, management services, and taxation have taught him business operations and financial management. He optimised business performance with innovative systems for internal controls, MIS reporting, and cost analysis. Mr. Gumpanpally cares about social justice and the environment. He has worked on many projects to improve the world.

Apiculture Awareness: Mr. Gumpanpally promotes honey bee pollination and their protection. He has trained over 150 people in apiculture through the Nirman Foundation and DORIO (Development and Welfare for Orphans and Rural Improvement Organisation), creating a network of farmers and honey bee advocates. Afforestation, sustainability, and biodiversity conservation are Mr. Gumpanpally's environmental priorities. His work in urban afforestation drives promotes green spaces and native tree planting.

Social Empowerment: Mr. Gumpanpally is passionate about empowering communities through education and skills. He works with several organisations to provide quality education to underprivileged children. He seeks a beer future by closing the educational gap.Leader and entrepreneur Mr. Gumpanpally founded 79° Longitude to realise his vision. 79° Longitude wants to lead the wellness industry with a timeless concept. 79° Longitude is set to change the wellness industry by emphasising mind, body, and spirit.

79° Longitude investors can join a visionary leader's venture. Mr. Gumpanpally's success, diverse expertise, and deep commitment to social and environmental causes position him at 79° longitude for massive growth and impact.

79° Longitude has huge potential for public listing, investor pulling, corporate partnerships, government collaborations, and cultural events in India and abroad. Mr. Gumpanpally's experience and multidisciplinary skills, combined with the wellness centre's perpetual concept, ensure long-term success and profitability. 79° Longitude's vision is to create a sustainable and holistic wellness ecosystem that benefits people, communities, and the planet. Mr. Gumpanpally's expertise and dedication drive him.

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